Paper Doll Cricut Project

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

If you're following along this week you know that there are some big things happening over here at In honor of my birthday AND my Peace Out 2020 Collection Launch, I am sharing 5 custom DIY projects with you all this week.

If you missed it, check out my Cricut birthday cake here.

This project made all of my girly dreams come true. I wouldn't say that I'm super into fashion, I much prefer some joggers and a cheeky tee, but I do have an appreciation for fashion and I was able to create a miniature play-version of my dream wardrobe with this project.

The inspiration hit me when I was perusing the scrapbook paper isle at Hobby Lobby and some patterns that really stuck out to me. A couple of these outfits are modeled after what I really wear on most days but most are what I wish I could pull off or afford. The options and completely limitless with this project!

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Download ZIP • 3.78MB

You can upload these files to Cricut Design Space (make sure to align and size them as you go) or use my project link to get started. I've set up the project to make 3 dolls and one of each apparel item. I let Design Space assign each item to a mat and then I spaced them out appropriately and aligned my cut pieces of cardstock before making it.

This is what my cutting mat looked like. Besides the glitter cardstock, I was able to cut everything on the 'light cardstock' setting with less pressure. Don't forget that the eyelash and lip pieces should be glued on the BACK of the dolls to fill in their facial features!

I hope this project fuels your creativity and allows you to enjoy some indulgent girliness, whether it be with your kiddos or on your own!

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