Noah's Ark Jello Snack

I don't know about you but being home with my little one every day has got me in a bit of a food rut. While she seems to be fine with always having the same breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I decided to switch it up a little bit this week when it comes to snack time!

This week we were learning about Noah's ark, the letter D and the word rainbow. If you are interested in joining us with some free preschool curriculum, just subscribe to my site! You'll get all of the past and future curriculum for free!


1 box Jell-O mix in berry blue

Animal Crackers

1 individual serving cup of diced pineapple (or any fruit you'd like that comes in a cup)

You will also need a bowl that is slightly larger than the fruit cup.

Your first step is to assemble the bowls that you will form your jello in. To do this, use clean painters tape to 'float' the empty fruit cup in the larger bowl. Make sure your fruit cup is rinsed and dry so that the tape adheres well. Save the fruit! We will add it to the jello later.

Next, mix your jell-o according to the directions on the package. This is a great step for your little one to assist with but be careful as you are supposed to use hot water. Also mix in a very large bowl if you're little one is passionate with a spoon!

Using a large measuring cup or a bowl with a pouring spout, carefully pour your jell-o between your outer and inner bowls. Be very careful not to spill any into the empty fruit cup.

If you're into it, add your fruit into the liquid jell-o now.

After chilling for four hours, remove your jell-o from the fridge and VERY carefully remove the painters tape.

Fill your empty fruit cup with animal crackers and it's time for your lucky little one to enjoy!

Fair warning: this snack is a very sensory experience, I suggest you allow your toddler to enjoy this one au natural if you know what I mean! (Also, Natalie only ate about 1/3 of this before I took it away. The bowl may have been way larger than the suggested serving size.)

Don't forget to subscribe for free preschool curriculum as well as more thematic snack ideas each week!

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