Merry & Bright (Free Printable) - 12 DIYS of Christmas

You may or may not believe me when I tell you that at 10pm last night, I did not have anything ready to post for the 11th day of DIYs today... but it's true. I ended up posting my Christmas Village and Nutcrackers together which I originally intended to post on separate days and thought 'Oh, I'll just add in something else!' I had many ideas and even started one DIY that I just never got around to finishing. So last night I'm working away on some DIY Christmas presents (can't wait to share BTW) and I realize, OMG- I have no 11th DIY of Christmas!

Anyways, I pulled together some scraps of paper, turned on my brand new Cricut and opened up Procreate on my ipad to design a little something special. You can simply download this PDF, print and frame or use my link to Cricut design space to cut this out like I did!

I cut some light pink cardstock down to size to fit in an old white frame I had lying around. I then used some metallic silver scrapbook paper to cut out my design. This was a very quick and easy last minute DIY that I was able to make in less than 30 minutes (with the right tools of course!) But I think this will be the perfect final addition to Natalie's bedroom this year!

Download the printable PDF here!

Download PDF • 633KB

Here is the link to my design in Cricut Design Space. (I've never shared this way before - give me a shout if you have any trouble!)

Don't forget to follow me on IG @carlyrhill and tag me if you try any of these DIYs this Christmas!

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