Homeschool Supplies I Couldn't Live Without

As a new SAHM, saving money is one of my highest priorities. When I made the decision to start my daughter on our purposeful preschool plan, I knew it had to be on the cheap. Luckily, I was able to pull a few items from around the house, from cleaning out my classroom, and a few from my mom's garage sale pile to help our daily routines go smoothly.

If you're struggling with the idea of setting up a learning area for your kids without breaking the bank, see if you have any items like these around the house. If you don't, these items are super affordable on Amazon and are so versatile that you will definitely get your money's worth!

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Natalie has been so proud of the artwork she has made and being able to quickly display it with zero hassle has been a life saver. This Magnetic Blackboard and Magnetic Clips keep her current activities right within reach. I also created a calendar to hang here for reward stickers, however, she is currently more interested in putting stickers on herself than on her chart so it hasn't been filled up yet. I also hang our weekly calendar and learning targets so that I can always be sure we are on track for the week.

These Magnetic Letters have been a brilliant literacy tool. We have a set downstairs on the refrigerator and a set upstairs in our learning area. We use these letters when we are building our sparkle word for the week. My preschool freebies come with sparkle words in 4x6 and 5x7. Put one of these in a metal picture frame and you can keep your sparkle word activity together all week. I couldn't find the magnetic frame that Natalie uses because I think it might be older than me, but I did find this Letter Board Picture Frame which is adorable and would work perfectly too. For younger kids, give them only the letters they need to build the word, but for older kids your could have them search through the entire alphabet for some added learning opportunties.

Watch Natalie build her sparkle word during week 1 of preschool here.

I've actually been using this Rolling Storage Cart since I was in college. It may be the most useful and durable storage item I've ever had. Since our learning area is right next to the play room, I decided to pull all of Natalie's toys with educational qualities and store them together here. We have all of our puzzles on the bottom, letters and shapes in the middle, and the top holds some blocks and puppets!

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