Geometric Reindeer Bust - 12 DIYs of Christmas

Today's DIY is really more on inspiration than a tutorial. I've had this broken paper mache deer head for at least 5 years. I got in a clearance at Hobby Lobby because it was broken and I knew I could fix it...

5 years later, this poor sad deer finally has a purpose and it adds such a fun and whimsical touch to Natalie's room at Christmas! This item is no longer available at Hobby Lobby so I've linked some similar items but truly I'd love for you to find that totally random item that's just been sitting around your house for who-knows-how-long and just go for it! Grab some paint, some glitter, whatever makes your heart happy and give turn that clutter into a finished craft for you to enjoy!

I simply used super glue to reattach his broken antler. Once it was dry, I taped of some straight lines with washi tape. The only plan I had going in was I knew I wanted a red nose so I started with that and everything else just fell into place. I used the same paints from my DIY Christmas Village and Paint-Filled Iridescent Ornaments. I let each section dry before painting the section next to it.

Here are some similar items that you could use for this craft.

Paper mache deer bust from Amazon

Paper mache unicorn from Amazon

Paper mache reindeer from Amazon

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