DIY Thanksgiving Plates

Beautiful tables are one of my favorite things about the holidays. I will admit that Justice and I probably had WAY too many dishes and serving ware on our wedding registry but I just cant help myself. I adore our daily dinner plates from Crate & Barrel and usually put them out with nice chargers for big family meals but sadly we have lost a few over the past 5 years of daily use.

I knew I wanted something whimsical for my Thanksgiving table and I knew I wanted a set of 12 to be sure I could get years and years of use out of them. I also knew that I was working with a pretty tight budget being a new stay-at-home-mom. So naturally, I went with the DIY.

I was inspired to try this project by Kara at A Kailo Chic Life. She has so many fun DIYs for party ware and dishes. It was there that I learned you could spray paint the back of a clear glass plate to ensure the plates are still food-safe!

I put my own personal spin by adding some hand-lettering in my signature gold. To do this, I wrote these words backwards on the back of the plate, then sealed them in with the spray paint. Lastly, I finished them all off with 2 coats of dishwasher-safe Mod Podge. (I do not intend to put these in the dish washer, but it does make me feel better about thoroughly washing them with a sponge and hot water in the sink.)

I used Krylon Shortcuts from Hobby Lobby in the following colors

Satin Rose Petal

Matte Rain Drop

Matte Ripe Peach

Satin Cactus Green

I got the plates for only $1 a piece from Walmart. I do warn you, these are not the best quality plates and do have a bit of warping and scuffing. If you're not working on as tight a budget as I am, you may consider these.

For the lettering, I used the Krylon 18K Gold Leafing Pen. I have used a lot of gold pens and markers and this is by far my favorite one. I also used it for my DIY Hawaiian Terracotta Chargers at my daughter's 2nd birthday this year.

You can download this template to print and tape onto the front of your plate and trace from the back. Just make sure the sizing is correct for your plates! Also be warned that it is a little trippy to trace through the dimensional glass but just take it slow and you'll be fine!

Let me know if you're going to attempt these DIY plates this holiday season, and if you do, be sure to tag me on IG @carlyrhill so I can see your awesome work! And don't miss out on my Thanksgiving Series: 6 New Recipes to Try This Year!

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