Color-Blocked Christmas Village and Ombre Nutcrackers - 12 DIYs of Christmas

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

This project might be tied with my DIY ornaments for my most favorite craft this Christmas season! My inspiration for this DIY came from Kelly at Studio DIY who I have follow for YEARS! She is probably one of my biggest inspirations and it was on her blog where I realized you could order unfinished wooden bird houses for really good prices on Amazon!

I ended up ordering 2 bird houses on Amazon for only $5 each. My totally rational intention at first was to create two houses for my girly Christmas village and then maybe I could add one new one each year. Hah, does that even sound like me?

Hobby Lobby did its usual job of making me less rational when I found this set of three stackable paper mache houses that were only $10! Can you believe it. So naturally, my Christmas village went from 2 houses to 5 houses fairly quickly.

My hot pink bottle brush trees as well as the fake snow I used on the roof tops of my houses also came from Hobby Lobby.

I picked up a few bottles of my favorite craft paint in the colors that I wanted and got to work with my festive designs. See the exact colors I used here. I wanted a bold, color-blocked look for the houses so I chose three colors for each house, 2 different shades of the same color and 1 contrasting color. I painted the roof the contrasting color and then I painted the front and back one shade and the two sides another shade. You can see below that I had one multi-leveled house and I chose to separate my two shades by top and bottom on this one. Once the houses were dry, I painted the roofs with Mod Podge and sprinkled them with a mixture of fake snow and glitter!

I also camouflaged the floors of my houses on the book shelf with some cheap polyfil that I used on my animal cookie ornaments as well!

I think my favorite is the minty green house with the bold red roof!

The wooden nutcrackers were a much less frugal project but I do love what they add to the Christmas village. For these guys, I wanted an ombre effect so I chose two shades of the same color for each nut cracker. I painted the lighter color on one end, the darker color on the other, and then I mixed the two colors to paint the middle. While these guys are super tiny, they sure do look grand guarding my mini Christmas village houses

I was recently gifted a Cricut Maker by my parents for my birthday and I am thinking about making little 'store' signs for each house to add a little something! In addition, the houses from Hobby Lobby have open windows and the roofs come off so (when I have time) I plan to line the interior with parchment paper and put some little artificial tea lights inside for some beautiful holiday ambiance!

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