What is carlyrhill.com?

It's a blog for moms. It's a blog for teachers. It's a blog for people who cook dinner. It's a blog for life-long learners. It's a blog for people who'd rather do it themselves. It's a blog for party hosts and party guests. It's a blog for anyone who does all the same normal things that we all do every day. It's not a blog by a perfectionist. It's a blog by someone who seeks joy in all of these normal, every-day things and has found that joy comes much easier when you do things with others. To share and to find inspiration is my goal. To show you that you can do it is my goal. To show you that if you try it and you don't like it, there's still a lot of other cool things you can probably do really well. Don't just read. Don't just listen. Talk to me. Teach me. In this space, there is no wrong way.

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As a former teacher recently turned SAHM, I wanted to make sure that I was planning purposeful learning opportunities for my daughter to keep her academically engaged. Since I'm already doing the work and planning, I decided to share it all with you! Subscribe for a full year's worth of preschool activities delivered straight to your inbox!


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